Web-Site Development

Web-Site Development

Web-Site Development

NetLS will help you solve a whole range of problems your business may have online.


  • Creating a ready-to-use website from scratch. From your idea to our launch of the perfect online resource step by step.

  • Modernizing an existing website. Improving design, data recovery, migration and integration

  • Website technical support. Fix bugs, update plugins, speed up the website


NetLS is a team of experts specializing precisely in web development. We can create, update, or improve any web resource or app for you.

  • ERP Systems. 

A website system to manage all areas of the enterprise. Suitable for companies that want to maintain all communications and the entire business in one place.

  • Corporate Website. 

A website that informs readers about the company, its services, activities, achievements, and updates. Suitable if you want to make your clients and partners know your work as much as possible

  • Single Page Application. 

A one-page site that features fast data loading without going to other pages. Suitable for companies that need to constantly provide the same information to different categories of users.

  • Online Store. 

A site with several thousand items with all online sales features. Suitable for e-commerce, dropshipping, or marketplaces with a large assortment.


Not sure what service or type of website to choose? You don't have to. Our expertise is precisely in Web Development. We will evaluate the range of work independently. You only need to voice your desired results. Explore how we work with clients.

  • Listen and Hear. 

We study what you want to get as a result of cooperation. We translate the client's request into the technical language of the work.

  • Plan and Approve. 

We evaluate how to make it as simple and convenient as possible. Both for the business and the users of your website. We make a work plan and set the intermediate desired progress, which we approve with you.

  • Hide the Technical, Leave the Creative. 

We handle design, architecture, databases, and site integrations with third-party services and resources. But we don't overwhelm you with complicated details, we report on the success step by step.

  • Test and Proof. 

We don't just claim that everything works. We prove it through testing, error detection and elimination, and your personal evaluation of performance.

  • Help and Support. 

We know that you don't have to understand web development. That's why we teach, show, advise, and, if necessary, correct errors and defects at the start of your web resource.


Maximum customer interaction is not the only difference between other IT companies and us. See what other benefits NetLS has to offer.


Benefits of working with NetLS

  • Deep expertise in .NET frameworks. 

Our team uses about 20 different technologies, services, and databases in its work, but our exceptional experience is in C# and JavaScript with focus on .NET frameworks. Thanks to these competencies, we can develop a resource that will solve your problems and integrate into your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Experience proven by 15+ years of success. 

In more than 15 years on the market, our company has completed more than 100 projects for medium and large companies. Thanks to this experience, we have developed our own work mechanics, allowing us to understand and satisfy the client as much as possible.

  • Extensive expertise in 6 business areas. 

We specialize in cooperation with companies of 80-3000 employees in the public sector, media and telecom, IT, health tech, e-commerce, financial & bank sector. These areas have allowed us to study the most complex corporate processes to provide the most useful and working web tools.

  • Set of web services in one company.  

​​​​​​​You can get the full range of services related to web development in one place. We will not only develop from scratch or optimize your site but also perform all the necessary integrations, settings, and support for the successful operation of your company with a resource in the future.


Do you want a web solution that is user-friendly and beneficial for your business? Contact our consultant to talk about your needs today!

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