App Migration To Cloud

App Migration To Cloud

App Migration To Cloud

App migration to the cloud transfers the company's IT infrastructure, including data, services, applications, and settings, to the power of a virtual data center. The owner of the data center is a third-party company – a cloud provider.

Migration to the cloud is the first step towards digital transformation, urgently needed by any business that wants to maintain its competitiveness in the market.

What Do We Offer?

We will migrate your service/product to the cloud, reduce costs, and set up the efficient operation of your company's resources:

  • We reduce expenses: The company can save about 15-40% of the budget costs for IT expenses due to the timely migration to the cloud;

  • We improve security and provide guarantees;

  • We give a qualitative approach: experienced managers who have been solving IT infrastructure problems for many years will work on your problem.

Who Needs Migration To The Cloud The Most?
  • Organizations just starting to work on the market don’t have large budgets.

  • Companies that work with large volumes of information. A cloud helps to organize your data, clean and concisely, copy, and verify for reliability;

  • Large companies are often unwilling to invest time to create and support their databases. This allows them to free up resources for more efficient business activities;

  •  Company developers who prefer the Mobile version of their business. The cloud helps to adapt your business to various devices, be it a tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.

Why Choose Migration To The Cloud?

Thanks to the cloud, you can solve various tasks:

  • Rent virtual servers (sites, online stores, CRM systems can be hosted in the cloud);

  • Promptly launch projects, applications, and programs and develop online sales;

  • Accelerate the creation and introduction of new services in the company; set up remote work and virtual workplaces;

  •  Create safe conditions for storing information and prevent data loss;

  • Backup and restore data.

When Is The Right Time To Migrate To The Cloud?

We recommend using the cloud migration service when you:

  • Need stable access to the company's IT resources from anywhere in the world.

  • Want to quickly and efficiently scale your IT resources.

  •  Want to protect data from hacker attacks according to security standards.

  • Be interested in providing continuous access to business data.

  •  Want to cut costs for servicing servers and equipment.

  • Have a desire to pay only for the resources the business consumes.

  • Need stable availability of business services.

Do you have at least one of the mentioned problems? We will offer the best ways to migrate your servers to the cloud.

What Advantages You Finally Get

Any B2B client always focuses on the benefit and profit for the business when planning to implement something new. Cloud services will:

  • Allow companies to eliminate excess "hardware" and optimize IT infrastructure;

  • Help create more flexible processes and store and process data more safely;

  • Save money: they do not need to buy and maintain equipment because it is in the cloud. Even paying for cloud services is possible only when required.

Moreover, each client gets expert and technical support: you always have someone to call for help.


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