Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

Recruiting and Staffing

Augmenting your IT team

What is IT staff augmentation with NetLS? It is the best way to staff projects with one or more talented engineers to close expertise gaps promptly and maintain flexibility in a short time frame.


Technology stack






How does the whole talent acquisition process work?


Client requirements

At this stage, we study your request, requirements, and the project in detail to best guide the talent acquisition process.


The HR department will present the candidates who best fit the assessment criteria so that you can learn more about their experience, technical skills, English language, and communication skills, and then select the most suitable candidate for the final interview.

The legal side

When the specialists are finalized, we sign a legal agreement that sets out your expectations, defines the terms and details of cooperation, and reflects the requirements of your legislation. Within 30 days, the client confirms expectations, defines the timeframe, and describes the details of cooperation (data protection, security, payroll, etc.).


Our experts facilitate the integration of the involved developers throughout the entire engineer's journey within the client's team to ensure quality releases. They will ensure that the onboarding process is smooth and clear. 


NetLS allows you to get rid of rigorous and time-consuming processes, such as legal and financial, that arise due to the different regions of residence of the two parties. Our solution is primarily a reflection of NetLS workflows, we will accompany the employee throughout the entire path of your cooperation with him/her because for us the result is a clear and planned release provided by this engineer for your project.


What are the benefits of "Staff Augmentation for IT Specialists" for YOU


  • .NET expertise

If the project you are managing requires experienced .NET developers, then we have found each other. At the beginning of Q4, we have a seasonality for .Net developers, we rotate teams, so this is an opportunity for you to arm yourself with experienced Full-Stack and .Net engineers who will have unique development experience and well-polished onboarding and support processes from NetLS.

  • Small and medium-sized businesses and startups

Are you a small and medium-sized business or a startup looking to develop your own product quickly?

Our cost-effective staffing services will help you achieve your scaling and development goals faster and more efficiently. NetLS' expertise will make your project move twice as fast by saving up to 40% of your budget on overhead, which ultimately reduces development costs. Don't let limited resources hold you back from your ambitions!

  • Enterprise

Do you have a budget and limits that cannot be exceeded when developing a project, but need a high-quality result?

We can offer talents with a technical stack that is difficult to find on the market, and talents who have already had experience with similar tasks. Thus, you will save time on finding such specialists on your own and long onboarding to the project, and you do not need to plan infrastructure costs and other overhead costs per employee (taxes, etc.).

  • Companies with aggressive deadlines

Faced with deadlines that limit your options — time, budget, and feature integration schedules? 

NetLS will provide skilled engineers for a project lasting 6 months or more in as little as 21 days to help you meet your product launch goals with a high level of quality. Our thorough hiring process, process awareness, and quality control standards ensure that we can handle even the most demanding requests.

  • Companies that require specialized skills

Do you need specialized skills to take your company to the next level? 

Our team of expert engineers can help you expand your staff at any stage of your software deployment, upgrade, or cloud migration. We can also help you leverage specific technologies to succeed in your market niche.


Why choose NetLS?


  • Flexible expertise

Are you having trouble finding IT professionals in your local market? Do you only need certain niche skills? Leverage our extensive network and proven candidate database to build highly skilled teams. Whether you need a back-end or front-end engineer, business analyst, or product manager, NetLS offers the ability to filter your search criteria by category — industry, technology, and years of experience relative to industry and technology. This approach ensures that you have the best professionals to work on your unique development challenges with relevant experience.

  • Fast search process

We find software developers for any project in a period of up to 21 working days after the brief is formed and agreed with you, which allows your business to grow faster and prevent gaps in development quality. 

  • Turnkey service

We do more than just find specialists for your project. We provide a turnkey service that frees you from the back office routine and helps you focus on more pressing issues, such as scaling or product improvement. The NetLS service includes full support of an engineer on the project, throughout the entire period of work, IT support, HR and administrative services, or any other services required for large projects.

  • A culture of trust

Create a development team with us and rest assured that your project is in the hands of a reliable partner. All our services are based on an embedded culture of trust and open collaboration to enhance your experience as you benefit from innovative remote talent. We offer guidance on candidate selection, but you are in control of who you hire.

  • Save on overhead costs

By hiring specialists temporarily, you can avoid some of the long-term costs associated with full-time hiring, such as recruiting, tax, and management training. By augmenting your IT staff, your company gains access to the highly specialized skills and experience you need, while maintaining control over your overhead costs and reducing them by up to 25%.



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