Startup Development

Startup Development

A startup is launched to develop an idea with the potential for significant business opportunity and impact. Sometimes an idea is a flash of insight, but more often it starts with the broad development of an idea or a solution to a significant problem that has a significant market.

What do we offer?

  • Individual approach: At our company, we understand that every startup is unique and has its characteristics. Therefore, we offer an individual approach to each of our clients and create a product that meets their needs;
  • Flexible methodology: the company's specialists work according to flexible project management methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, and others, which ensure fast and efficient product development;
  • Average quality of development at affordable prices: We use modern technologies and development methods, which allow us to provide product quality at affordable prices. We know how to effectively use resources and time to achieve maximum results;
  • Post-launch support: Our company does not end cooperation with the client after the product launch;
  • Strategic advice, consultations, prototyping, design, testing, fast and high-quality delivery, support, and maintenance;
  • Support to the client's team (provision of developers on demand to help the client's in-house team keep up with deadlines through software development outsourcing);
  • Dedicated team (providing a full team consisting of developers and a project manager who coordinates with the client);
  • Ability to start on a Fix Price model in terms of the scope of work;
  • Availability of technological and process expertise from the discovery phase to the delivery phase with the ability to advise on the proper scaling of the product;
  • Availability of sectoral and technological expertise to perform MVP and provide feedback on the needs of customers of this product, with a mandatory presentation of the workflow (roadmap);

What issues does the Startup Development service solve?

  • The need to deal with administrative issues in the early stages of implementation and cost optimization;
  • Lack of ideas: It helps to find an idea for a business, as well as to develop its concept and development strategy. Search for an R&D service with further implementation of delivery processes;
  • Lack of expertise: Helps to find a team of specialists with the right knowledge and skills to develop a product;
  • Lack of funding: Helps to attract investment and financial support;
  • An insufficient number of customers. Developing a startup can help solve this problem by creating a product or service that attracts more customers and increases profits;
  • Insufficient sales. By improving the product and marketing process, a Startup development product can help increase sales;
  • Issues with data collection and analysis. The Startup development product can provide tools for collecting, storing, and analyzing data, which allows you to manage your business more efficiently;
  • Insufficient development of technologies. Startup development can help solve this problem by creating an innovative product or service that uses new technologies;
  • Insufficient production efficiency. Startup development can help improve production efficiency by improving production processes and introducing new technologies;
  • There is an unfinished scoping of work for the allocated previous budgets;
  • Deadlines that have been violated or are close to being violated and the inability to meet them;
  • Poor quality of work by previous contractors;

When is Startup Development needed?

  • Immediately after an investment round, when you need to perform the following work scoping
  • After an investment round, when it is necessary to replace or rotate the team because it is inefficient and does not meet deadlines
  • Developing a concept and strategy: If startup owners have not yet decided on their concept and development strategy, the Startup development product can help them define their goals and direction.
  • MVP development: If startup owners have an idea for a product, but don't know how to develop its MVP (minimum viable product), the Startup development product can help them find the best way to develop it.
  • Product development: If startup owners already have an MVP, but require help developing a more complex product, then the Startup Development product can help them with this.

Why choose us?

  • With more than a decade of experience in software development and working with different types of clients, we have learned all the pains and difficulties that can arise in the process;
  • ISO 9001 is close to becoming an official confirmation of the quality level of our services. Accordingly, you don't have to worry about the reliability of our service, because NetLS is a proven software provider;
  • Professional engineers and managers will work on the implementation of your project under the supervision of competent management from NetLS;

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