Dedicated Development 
Office Setup

Dedicated Development
Office Setup

Dedicated Development Office setup  

Frustrated by the high costs associated with maintaining a team and infrastructure for it and the difficulty in finding experts in their field? NetLS is a provider of Back office, Supply chain, and Manufacturing services designed to optimize these processes while maintaining high-quality standards and saving precious time. From us — price and quality with risk protection, from a partner — proximity to the client and result-oriented cooperation.

Technology stack

NetLS expertise includes specialists who are mainly focused on these stacks. But we are not limited to this, if the client needs to form a team of 7+ highly specialized engineers, we can create an academy with a curriculum tailored to the specifics of the project, due to which the final price of forming a team will be 20% lower than the contractor's region.





How does this model work?


NetLS analyzes your company's policy to see if it meets your expectations and culture, and if we can grow a team of 15 engineers within 3 years. After that, we clarify your needs and requirements for the team and office infrastructure.

Complete the team

Based on the technical and non-technical requirements, we offer specialists who meet all the needs of the client's business and will be calculated in the proportion of 0.5\1\2 (Senior or Architect\Middle\Junior) to ensure the provision of stable releases on the project. You approve each candidate and give us the green light to invite them to your team. Thus, you get a fully staffed office with a team and management in 24 days.

Office setup

We are responsible for the process of setting up the office and designing it internally for comfortable scaling of teams inside, operational management of resources, provision of financial and legal services, as well as support of IT infrastructure. We launch the necessary processes, fully manage all day-to-day operations related to the project, and provide human resources and professional training support for your team. Your only responsibility is to monitor the results of the work, keep the team in touch with management, receive project status reports, and participate in the monthly NETLS 360 Review and weekly NETLS Projects Touchpoint.

Integration and launch 

Once the office is up and running, the team will go through a "normalization" phase, and NetLS ensures that new team members are involved, connected, and familiarized with all procedures. Once the office is up and running, we, as a partner, are responsible for technological integration, team building, monitoring, maintaining the level of satisfaction and engagement of employees according to the Gallup Q12 indicator, as well as establishing and monitoring effective communication.

Profit from productivity

Thanks to the right team composition and skillful task management, our customers receive cost or lead time savings of up to 9.8% compared to the Outstaff Dedicated Team.


Reasons for choosing DD Office setup?

  • Long-term partnership

When, instead of hiring freelancers or outsourcing development, you need to get an in-house engineering team with the ability to plan long-term project development and control intellectual property. You can fully rely on our infrastructure to reduce the likelihood of unforeseen incidents and reduce software development costs due to NetLS' location and tax benefits.

  • Opex and Overhead to a minimum

It is more economically feasible for a company to work with talented developers and engineers at their location than to plan their relocation to headquarters, which eliminates the cost of building infrastructure, reduces salary costs (relative to the American and European regions by 30%), but maintains the same high quality of development due to teamwork in the development center, which in turn reduces the tax burden on the client due to the location of the infrastructure in the Ukrainian jurisdiction.

  • Opportunities

The need for technical specialists with multifaceted industry experience to implement diverse projects. A solution that allows you to create new digital products faster and reduce time to market due to the accumulated experience and necessary operational processes to start a new project that will have a full development cycle and fast delivery of software to the client in one place.

  • Expertise in the regional market

Development of a personal brand as a service provider that provides quality service in the Western Europe region and has a functional unit economy with minimal risks. Opportunity to cooperate with educational institutions and receive a funnel of 100 potential interns for an internship/vacancy.

  • Flexible cooperation model

The client has the opportunity to build a model of cooperation both under a non-solicitation and partnership agreement and under White Label and operate within the legal entity NetLS in the jurisdiction of Ukraine and the country where the client's main activity is registered. 

  • A team with different skills and abilities

If you want to create a team of more than 7+ people, the vendor will provide a separate room where all developers, Architect, PM, and QA will work, and most importantly, the process component will be provided by the vendor itself so that you can focus on your core business and brand as a quality solution provider.

Why should you choose NetLS?

If you are a company

  • NetLS will not only set up your remote infrastructure and processes, from hardware and environment to protecting sensitive data, so that you get clear results from working with top-notch developers and engineers, but also handle international taxation and local labor laws and take care of all related operational processes. 
  • The effectiveness of this model directly depends on hiring and retention policies that ensure the efficient execution of all project processes. We introduce you to a pre-selected group of developers, and within the next 24 days, we provide a team ready to implement your development and provide only the necessary number of resources with a weekly review of development performance measurements for planning the workload against requirements and the current status of tasks and processes.
  • NetLS provides full support for the created environment from all possible sides, as the most important thing for us is the growth of our partners, who will provide the best level of software solutions. In addition to opening an office and organizing team processes, we will take care of all back-office processes, ensuring the quality of the services provided. 
  • You get access to a pool of qualified developers, project managers, and architects with any technology set, background, and industry experience. In addition, we are stakeholders in the largest Ivano-Frankivsk international universities, which will allow us to launch a training course at the client's request with the selection of the best talents for internships in the project under the mentorship of a manager.
  • NetLS guarantees the provision of reliable and efficient solutions, which in turn will reduce development costs by up to 25% compared to the European and American talent market. 
  • Our expertise is backed by high-quality standards, as we carefully adhere to ISO 9001 management and ISO/IEC 27001 information security standards. 

If you are a deliverer

  • We form 2 types of service for the client: a permanent team with predictable time and an additional part-time team with predictable volume. Change management for both the client and delivery is carried out every week with workload planning in terms of requirements and the current status of tasks and processes.
  • Reduced risks. HR, operational, delivers, and discovery functions, in case of delivers' failure, we cover losses from our own reserve.
  • Business continuity. The company provides quality service to all requests through the delivery service, thanks to the quality service provided, the client returns and recommends this delivery service, resulting in an uninterrupted process for the delivery service with minimal involvement of the delivery service and a constant workload for the company.
  • Profitability. For each hour sold, a dealer has from 14%, the company considers the process set up to be effective so that the dealer receives 25% of the GAL and reaches a profit of $ 150 thousand.
  • Risk-free portfolio development and entrepreneurial skills under its own brand and the development of a personal brand that provides quality service in the location.
  • NetLS is a reliable stakeholder that ensures minimal costs for the development of retailer projects and cost-effectiveness due to the optimization of overhead and operating costs.

Do you have a complex project?

Calculate its approximate cost in our calculator and our team will contact you!


DO YOU HAVE A COMPLEX PROJECT? Calculate its approximate cost in our calculator and our team will contact you!

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